Summer Drama Camp Classes

Piano Lessons

Take advantage of these special summer classes!

Acting with Puppets 
Students 7 – 14 years
Learn the basics around performing with a puppet by the end
of the summer they would have made their own puppet and
be able to do a short group scene using only puppets. This
class is one hour, once a week.

Introduction to Mask Performance
Students 7 – 14 years
Join us once a week for one hour to learn the importance of physical movement on the stage.                                                                            Students will learn the history of mask while mastering the                                                                            technique of mask making and performance. At the end of                                                                               the summer the students will be able to perform a short                                                                                   group scene using the masks that they have made.

No Fear Shakespeare
Students 12+ years
In this special 2 hour class, learn the dynamics of performing Shakespeare. Students will be given the chance to do a focused play study where they would be able to master the understanding and performance of a Shakespearian play 

The Art of the Soliloquy
Students 12+ years
This monologue class is once a week for one hour. Get a head start on preparing for audition season. Students choose a monologue and learn how to make every solo performance their best. Workshoping the monologue with their peers

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