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What Is It?

Commitment, Community & Support: tribe is a group of dancers that would do anything for each other, just like family. Dancers that are loyal, loving, honest, and fun-loving. The Tribe consists of people that expect to grow, learn and develop new techniques.

The Tribe dancers will have a unique experience which will allow them to build their confidence to perform, develop and build on their core skills and challenges to aid in their learning . 

Who Is It For?

Tribe is designed for aspiring dancers who are able to dedicate 3 hours per week to dance classes. These students have been chosen by the Synergy Team for displaying passion, enthusiasm, leadership, potential and strength to grow their skills and technique.

What Is Required?

Tribe dancers are all required to take: 

  • Ballet (exams are optional) 

  • Class of choice 

  • Tribe Dance Class


The Tribe Dance Class combines jazz & modern where we learn, grow and challenge students with new technique and skills. They learn to work well as a group and earn one another’s trust through partner tricks.

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Hours of operation

Mon-Fri 2-9pm

Sat 9am-4pm

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