Elite Triple Threat

Selected students ages 6+ participate in their own "Pre-Comp Showcase", 2 Regional Competitions in the Spring & 
our June Recital at the Rose Theatre . 

Term: Sept-June (Audition required)

Visit our drama page for more information regarding our triple threat classes. 


Individual Entries 
Selected competition students ages 6+, participate in our local competition, earning a trophy and written adjudication in the spring

Individual Competition entries do not participate in the end of the year recital.

Term: 5 weeks Competition preparation, dates to be announced in February. Audition required
(not recommended for High School audition prep unless under the age of 12)

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Ballet Classes

Performance "Acting & Singing" Intensive Workshop

Open to any student (ages 6 +)  
          Elite Triple Threat students: Mandatory.
- Acting Technique, Improvisation, Basic Audition Etiquette,
- Vocal Technique, Characterization, Vocal Performance Etiquette.
- Audition for Triple Threat or Drama Competition
- Determine class level and true potential (may be invited to transfer to a higher level class)