Voice Lessons

Private - Group - Performance

Voice Lessons

Private Voice Lessons:  Whether signing up to prepare for an audition or looking to strengthen your tone, breathing and range - join us throughout the week for private voice lessons. 

Choose between our 30 minute private lesson for $23.95 or our one hour, teacher recommended lessons for $30.95. These one hour voice lessons include a 30 minute fully private lesson and a 30 minute group theory class.

Contact us for more information or register today! 

Group Voice

Group Voice Lessons:  Our 8 week group classes are an excellent option for students looking to interact with other kids while learning to use their voices independently and with others. 

Classes are $120 for 8 weeks. See our schedule for available times. Students may opt to transfer into our private classes or continue with the next 8 week session. 
Regional Arts Program:  The purpose of this 3 hr workshop is to get everyone to sing together, go over all technical requirements and sing for each other. Giving everyone an opportunity to practice being in an audition setting, while addressing the independent interview process. 

What to Bring: Your complete audition preparation package and personal song selection on your ipod or CD (instrumental/karaoke only) Note pad, pencil and eraser for Basic Theory quiz component. 

Teacher Training: Throughout the year, our senior staff offer valuable workshops for junior teachers and students. They gain the skills and tricks to successfully motivate and advance their own students. 

Voice Workshops


There are a number of recitals, festivals and competitions available to all of our students throughout the year. Every performer has the opportunity to perform for fun, for scholarships and for awards.
See our recital page for more information.